New Yorkers, you can get free tickets for a Tribeca Film Festival (TFF) movie on Friday, April 25th.  The tickets will be available on a first-come first-serve basis starting Monday, April 14th at company-owned AT&T stores and Tribeca Film Festival ticket outlets. 

Find a store location by visiting the event website: 

There are a few other free TFF events you can take advantage of like the Drive-in movies:
  • Mary Poppins on Thursday, April 17th
  • Splash on Friday, April 18th
For more details visit the Tribeca Film Festival website:

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We received a copy of the movie for review consideration but no compensation. These are our honest, unbiased opinions of the film.

She Says:
I was so excited to get the chance to review this movie because I had wanted to see it in the theater and didn't get the chance. Martial Arts films have always been a favorite of mine and it probably stems from the childhood memories of watching Black Belt Theater every Sunday in the 80s. The intersection of adrenaline pumping action scenes, rich culture, and fantastical/magical worlds all contribute to my remaining a fan of the genre. 

Enter 47 Ronin, which chronicles the 47 Samurai who are banished from their homeland after their master is killed. The story is wonderful and covers the themes of loyalty, mysticism, duty, good vs. evil and love. The scenery and costumes were stunning and brought back fond memories of my travels in Japan.

The Blu-ray™ Combo Pack of the movies, which was released on April 1st,  includes a Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital HD with UltraViolet so you can watch it on any of your devices. So glad that we now have this in our movie collection because I will definitely be watching it again!

He Says:
Let me start by saying that I'm not the world's biggest Keanu fan.  His monotonously monotone, stoned surfer dude voice just irks me, so I tend to watch his movies reluctantly.  Add to this the fact that I tend to get annoyed when, for seemingly no good reason, an American movie star is cast in a movie that they don't "belong" in.  Having said all that, fortunately the 47 Ronin story and the film are much more than just an hour and a half of listening to Keanu and watching him be Neo in feudal Japan.  As she said, the settings and costumes were rather amazing, and the story was complex (unlike an opera she just dragged me too). She is spot on with the themes, and I actually really enjoyed it.  Shocker.

You Say:
Now go watch the movie for yourself and tell us what you think! Need a little more to go on? Here's the trailer.

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Last month I was invited to attend an informational event for Legoland Parks and Discovery Centers. I saw it as a great opportunity for a night out with a couple of my favorite munchkins and their dad, my cousin. We kept the event a surprise to the kids but once we revealed that it was a Lego event, their excitement was uncontrollable. They had just seen The Lego Move a week earlier and couldn't stop raving about that either!

The event was great. We learned about some of the new attractions at the parks via some impressively intricate Lego models. I hadn't realized that we now have a Legoland Discovery Center right in our NYC backyard, Westchester County (That's about 30 minutes by car from Midtown Manhattan). It's actually celebrating it's first birthday this week, March 27th. 

I loved my Legos as a kid and as a Titi (auntie), I love gifting them because they encourage creativity.  Now this big kid is looking forward to planning a family outing to the Discovery Center so that I can take the factory tour and see how the bricks are made and witness MINILAND®, a miniature Lego version of New York City's skyline. Oh, and i guess we'll partake in some of the activities the kids have on their list. We'll be sure to let you know how our visit goes!

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I would attend a cultural event every week if I could afford it. Instead, I space them out throughout the year and keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities to get discount tickets. I recently came across one such deal on the website for the official tourism organization for the city.

You can get 20% off performances at venues across the city. Options include the play A Doll's House at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), various operas at the Metropolitan Opera and dance performances that are part of the Brazil Festival at the Joyce Theater. I purchased tickets to see La Sonnambula an opera composed by Vincenzo Bellini.  Ethan's not a big fan, so I saw it as a perfect opportunity for a night out on the town with one of my awesome friends.

Read the fine print of the deals at each venue as the discount is only good for select performances and for tickets are certain price levels. From what I can tell most of the eligible performances are in February and March, so secure tickets for you and your culture-hungry buddy as soon as possible.

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