January 26th, 2010 is Australia Day (in Australia that is. It seems to be celebrated all this week in NYC) and no one said you had to be Australian to celebrate so what are you going to do? Thanks to some help from the American Australian Association, here's a list of some options in NYC:

The Sunburnt Cow, Bondi Road and Sunburnt Calf (all located in the East Village/Lower East Side) are hosting 3 happy hours for $20 and $3 burgers and steak sandwiches.

The Australian (20 W 38th Street, Manhattan) is serving up $5 Coopers bottles, $4 Coopers "pots" (I have no idea what a pot is!) and will be hosting live acoustic music during lunch and dinner while classic Aussie movies (I'm guessing that does NOT include Crocodile Dundee) play on the screen.

News 4 New York lists an extended Happy Hour (4-8 pm) at Eight Mile Creek (240 Mulberry Street) with Vegemite sandwiches & Wallaby wings.

Putting off your celebrating until the weekend? The New York Magpies, an Australian Rules Footbal Team will be hosting quite the shindig on saturday January 30th. Tickets are $20. I'm not sure if that anything other than door prizes but there will definitely be Aussie beers, wines and pies for purchase. For more info go to: http://nyfooty.com/site/2010/01/magpies-set-to-host-australia-day/

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