It is the year of tiger, the third sign in the Chinese Zodiac, which is a symbol of bravery. Times have been tough for many of us, so maybe we can embrace this lunar new year and welcome bravery into our lives. While festivities in Chinatown began last weekend, there will be two parades this weekend, Saturday in Queens and Sunday in Manhattan.

Lunar New Year Parade, Flushing Queens
Saturday, February 20, 2010
11am to 1pm
The Parade route begins at Union St and 37th Ave and ends at Main St and 39th Ave where the Queens Crossing Mall is located.

Lunar New Year Parade, Chinatown, Manhattan
Sunday, February 21, 2010
11:30am to 4pm
Sunday's parade in Manhattan's Chinatown starts at Little Italy and goes through the main streets of Lower Manhattan/Chinatown. According to it starts at Mott Street and promenade through practically every street in of Chinatown, finally dispersing at Worth Street.

You can learn a bit about the history of the Lunar New Year with this short video.

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