This just in via the LivingFreeNYC blog: Jamba Juice will be giving away Chai Latte's in Times Square this Wednesday, March 31st,
from 11 am to3 pm

According to a Jamba Juice press release this is part of their Hot Tea Spin Tour to celebrate their new Hot Blends™ beverages "made with the highest quality ingredients and blended hot with the customer's choice of organic nonfat, 2% or soymilk." They come in four flavors: Original Spiced Chai™ Tea, Perfectly Chocolate Chai™ Tea, Heavenly Green™ Tea, and Classic Hot Chocolate.

Promo events often have some kitchy feature and for this giveaway its Jamba Juice's stationary "BlenderBikes," which will be doing some of the blending. I may have to go get a picture ... and a free beverage.

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