I found myself in the LES today (and the next 3 Wednesdays) for work and thought it would be a prime opportunity to try some restaurants on my "To Try" list. Today's stop was The Meatball Shop (84 Stanton Street).

When I first heard about The Meatball Shop from a friend, I thought it was a brilliant concept. My experience there confirmed that. I cozied up to the bar where I received my dry erase marker & wipe-able menu. I love the mix and match element of the offerings. You can get traditional meat, spicy pork, salmon, vegetable, or special meatball of the day, which today was a passover meatball. Then you pick your sauce: tomato, spicy meat, mushroom gravy or parmesan cream. Step 3 in the process is probably the most complicated. Will you order your meatballs naked (4 for $7), leaving more room for sides (or more meatballs) or will you opt to go the bread route by ordering sliders at $3 a piece or getting yourself a hero? (note: If you pick the latter, you'll also have to choose your cheese & bread)

I considered today a test-run, a site-visit to decide if I want to go back with friends and a heartier appetite. This being the case, I opted for the the traditional meatball with spicy meat sauce naked (gotta admit that this was partly motivated by the funny reactions I'd receive from saying something about ordering the balls naked). The meatballs were amazing. Perfectly seasoned, hearty, moist and simply delicious. The Meatball Shop is offering great quality food at affordable prices. I will definitely be going back to try some other varieties, some sides and an ice cream sandwich, made form fresh baked cookies and house-made ice cream.

For the full menu go to: http://themeatballshop.com/menu.html

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  1. spawnofslithis says:

    Sounds awesome. I can't wait for Jackie to take me there!

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