Go! Go! Curry! serves up delicious Japanese-style curry dishes in midtown. The eatery's name is inspired by baseball player Hideki Matsui who, prior to being a member of the NY Yankees and now the LA Angels, started wearing #55 as a star on Tokyo’s dominant Yomiuri Giants. You see, inn Japanese the number 5 is pronounced "Go."

Every Go! Go! Curry! dish revolves around its curry sauce (which I believe has a beef base) over rice. The only choices you have to make are what size (walk, single, double, triple, etc.) and what topping (chicken, pork katsu, sausage, shrimp, etc.). I like this place because the food tastes goods, it's filling and you can eat for under $10.

Sticking to the "Go" or 5 theme, the 5th, 15th, and 25th of every month are Go Go Days. This means that you get a free topping coupon. These coupons, which save you $1-$2 are also given out on days following baseball games wherein Matsui hits a homerun.

Ready to try Go! Go! Curry! yet? You can head over anytime but you should also mark your calendars for May 5th, when they'll be celebrating a birthday by offering all Single (medium) size dishes for $5 and giving each person 5 free topping coupons.

Go! Go! Curry
273 W 38th Street, bet. 8th & 7th Aves

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