Yes, I have frozen white castles in my fridge. They may sometimes give you a literal kick in the gut, but they're so good we occasionally overlook the side-effects (not so different from alcohol intake). My roommate and I seem to like to find party themes that incorporate burgers so that we have an excuse to purchase a big box and inevitably have leftovers. You may not want to keep them in your freezer, but how can you resist getting 3 White Castle sliders, fries and a soda (you can get diet) for $2.99?!!

This is a promo White Castle is running for their new A-1 slider. The A-1 Slider Sack promo runs until May 31st so take advantage while it lasts. Don't like A-1? I say wipe it off. A true deal seeker displays flexibility (i.e. "Beggars can't be choosers").

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