Yes that is a plane next to that bottle of Ocean Spray Juice and you can see it with your own eyes tomorrow afternoon in midtown's Greeley Square. The spectacle is geared toward promoting Ocean Spray's new line of Blueberry products.

Those who stop by will also have a chance to "win one of 250 prizes from Ocean Spray’s custom luggage carousel. Prizes include roundtrip JetBlue travel to any of its 61 destinations across the U.S., Caribbean and Latin and South Americas, JetBlue Gift Cards ranging from $25-$100, ShopBlue merchandise and Ocean Spray Blueberry Juice products."

When: Tuesday, June 15, 12-1 pm
Where: Greeley Square Park (between 6th and Broadway, and 33rd and 32nd streets)

Facts on the Giant Bottle:

  • 38 ft – the height of an Airbus A320 aircraft or a four story building
  • 24,000 lbs – the average weight of a city bus
  • 54,000 gallons – the number of gallons of Blueberry Juice Cocktail the bottle could hold if filled

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