While I was born, raised and lived in NYC most of my life, I did live on the Central Coast of California for 3 years. To that time I owe my fanaticism with Trader Joe's. The Union Square location isn't so terrible to get to from my home on the west side of Manhattan, but the lines make the travel for groceries fairly unappealing and a trip a choose to make only occasionally.

Enter Trader Joe's Chelsea. I was first alerted to the store's plans to open it's doors at 675 6th Avenue via a Facebook message from a friend. Thinking it was too good to believe I walked myself over there to make sure and was pleased with the confirmation.

I stopped by yesterday in the hopes of getting a better sense of when the grand opening would be and was overjoyed to learn that starting at 8 am this Monday, July 12th I can get my Trader Joe's favorites in Chelsea. I don't know if there will be any grand opening special offerings, but I'll be satisfied with their mere presence.

I am a New Yorker through and through but I LOVE Target too!!

While my dream would be a Target withing walking distance, the opening of Target's first Manhattan store is still exciting.

Target meets the corner bodega?
Opening Sunday, June 25th the retailer says the Harlem store's merchandise offerings have been tailored "to include a generous selection of multicultural offerings including Spanish language and Ebony greeting cards, Gospel and Latin music, Spanish language books and movies, religious candles and a large assortment of multicultural dolls." Have to admit, I'm a bit conflicted about that. I don't want small mom and pop shops going out of business but there are some things Target offers that are not readily available to this community that Target will now offer.

The Harlem Target, located at East River Plaza (East 116th - 119th Streets, between Pleasant Avenue & FDR Drive), is easily accessible by the 6 train. A pedestrian bridge connects the subway station to the 2nd Floor of East River Plaza.

Read the press release for more info on The Harlem Designer Collection.

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