I'm willing to bet that several of you, like me have kitchen gadgets you never use and dreams that one day you'll finally get that Kitchenaid mixer that would make you holiday cookie baking day so much more productive. And while I have accomplished getting in a shameless holiday gift plug, the purpose of this post is to tell you about Brooklyn Based's awesome event called Trade Up.

Trade Up! is a kitchen gadget swap. Here's how it works: you pay $5 to participate and bring along whatever kitchen gadget you want to swap. The bonus is that you can enjoy $2 half pints of Saranac's Imperial IPA and $3 bottles of their stout (it is Craft Beer Week after all!).

RSVP on Facebook and get a peek at some of the possible items up for grabs. I saw someone might bring a rabbit wine opener (cue OOOOHHs and Aaaahs). I'm all about starting your holiday shopping early, maybe this year I can do some swapping for gifts.

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