It's raining now but the weekend is expected to bring beautiful crisp and sunny fall weather. Before we know it, it'll be too cold to be outdoors for extended periods of time so get out of your casa! Here are a couple of outdoor food events that tempted my tummy and may do the same for yours.


rub Street Food Fair, (10am to 6pm) - NY Mag food blog Grub Street has teamed up with the Hester Street fair to put together a mouthwatering meeting of uber desirable food finds from all corners of the city. Entry to the fair is free but bring your cash to buy your morsels of choice. Bring friends like I plan on doing so that you can share and thus have room to try more. There are so many good options, I wouldn't know where to begin to make recommendations so check out the list for yourself or live on the wild side and make your selections at random.


0th annual Pickle Day, (11am to 4:30pm) - I'm personally not a fan of the sour cucumber(oddly, unless they're thinly sliced and in a fantastic Cuban sandwich), but I loves me a street fair. Get thee to the parking lot on Ludlow and Broome Streets for two blocks worth of pickled fruits, veggies, and cheeses (?!). More Info.

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