On discovery day in Greenpoint Brooklyn this summer, my partner & fellow foodie "E" was struck by a liquor store window displaying an assortment of alcohol bottles in the forms of rifles, guns, and other ammo. As we stood there and took in the scene, a friendly chain-smoking gentleman (later identified as Chris, whose wife owns the shop) came out to chat us up and gauge our interest in the purchase of an item on display. An hour or so later, we had been shown bottles in other interesting designs ranging from horses to male organs and chatted politics with Chris (who is a die-hard Obama supporter), we had also sampled some delicious fruity wines from the Ukraine and purchased a semi-sweet Georgian wine.

Chizay Wineberry Line - The Apricot was our favorite but the other flavors were also worth a buy.

Grammy Collection Khvanchkara - A red semi sweet wine from the oldest wine producing region of the world (wikipedia). We bought our in a fun ceramic carafe. This is supposedly one of the best known Georgian wines.

The bottles we bought sat in the kitchen for a bit but were finally cracked open over the last month. These semi-sweet wines are a good accompaniment for takeout or dessert and are inexpensive to boot ($10 or less per bottle). If you go to Greenpoint to buy your wines from Chris, you may even have some fun stories to reminisce over as you sip. His window display creativity made the news last Easter when he used live chicks. Read about it on Gothamist.com.

T & N Wine & Liquor Corporation
983 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn NY

(718) 383-1414 ()

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