Chef John Fraser of Upper West Side Restaurant Dovetail should teach a course on how to to design a restaurant week menu. Most Restaurant Week aficionados will tell you that you have to review the menus before making your venue decisions. It's here that you'll get your first indication of whether or not the food offerings are on par with the a la carte menu. I new to expect deliciousness because I could see myself enjoying any combination of the course options. [View Dovetail's RW Lunch Menu]

I know many people who, like me, use Restaurant Week as an audition of sorts. If they're impressed they will be willing to return and spend they're hard earned money because they know it will be a worthwhile experience. Not only will I go back to Dovetail any chance I get, but I will preach the food gospel of Chef Fraser.

The beauty of Fraser's food is that the vegetables are not just filler, they are just as delectable and usually more inventive than the proteins. The creamy risotto with duck confit was mouth watering but it's the pear and parsnip soup with truffle marshmallows and almonds that I most wish I could recreate at home. The succulent braised lamb was a star and the accompanying spaghetti squash puree, which I'm convinced had strawberry Greek yogurt in it, rocked my world. And while, many a RW experience has failed to close the deal with dessert (i.e. boring creme brulee, plain jane chocolate cake) the proverbial ball was hit out of the park. Beer ice cream. Need I say more?

Check out Chris Elam's interview with Chef Fraser for the Huffington Post (June 2010) to read more about his vegetable philosophy and why Dovetail offers a Monday night Vegetable Tasting Menu. Reservations might still be available for you to enjoy the $24.07 Restaurant Week Menu. Visit to try your luck. RW ends this Friday, although some restaurants may choose to extend (please, please please Dovetail).

103 W 77th Street

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