I saw Mike Birbiglia perform a couple of years ago at a Comedy Central event and thought he was a super funny guy. I'm not quite sure how that prepares him to live in a Macy's Window, but that is indeed what the comedian will be doing for a week starting today.

Birbiglia will live as a window display at the famed department store as a bizarre marketing promo for Downy fabric softener. P&G, the makers of Downy, claim that using the product will keep sheets fresh for a week and make sleeping more attractive, even for a professed sleepwalker like Birbiglia (Wall Street Journal).

So I guess the message is that if you stop by to stare at the funny guy in the window and he looks well rested, you should go buy yourself some Downy. It's a stretch but I'll probably go check it out anyway.

Mike Birbiglia Living In A Macy's Window
January 26 - February 1, 2011
Macy's Herald Square

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