I say it every year, there are some great free events that are part of the Tribeca Film Festival. Unfortunately, I'll be out of town for the best of these, The Tribeca Drive-in, but I hope that you'll take check it out in my honor.

For three nights the World Financial Center will have plenty of outdoor seating set up for some movie fun. Pack your dinner and/or snacks, a blanket in case you get chilly, and score some free popcorn. Here's the schedule:

Thursday, April 21st
Film: FAME

Friday, April 22nd Film: When The Drum Is Beating

Saturday, April 23rd Film: The Muppets Take Manhattan

Seating opens at 6pm
Activities & Programming begin at 6:30 pm
Movie Screenings at dusk, approx 8:15pm

For detailed descriptions of the films go to http://www.tribecafilm.com/festival/events/drive-in/.

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