I've said it before and it still remains true, the holidays are my favorite time of year in the Big Apple. I have my dad to thank for that.

As soon as the city's retailers and communities began to roll out their decorations, Papi would start taking me for evening walks down 5th avenue so that we could take pictures in front of the Rockefeller Center tree and make our way down to Macy's, where he never tired of waiting in line with me to see Santa.

If you looked into Papi's eyes while he watched Christmas TV specials, stared at our home decorations, or marveled at the city lights that multiplied in December, you could see the happiness it instilled in him. I fed off of his love of the holidays. He made me the Holiday Cheerleader I am today.

This year as Holiday Cheerleader, I've had the pleasure of introducing my significant other to some of my favorite traditions. I was horrified to learn that he had never watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade or visited Santa (he reminds me he's Jewish, but I'm still distraught), so those two items have now been checked off the list. Next up, a walking tour of the 5th Avenue lights like good old days. I went on a reconnaissance mission this past weekend to identify some highlights and snagged some pictures to share with you all. He better put on his walking shoes and channel his best festive attitude a la Papi, because it's on!

Holiday Decorations to check out:

Gingerbread Extravaganza at Le Parker Meridien (56th Street between 7th & 6th Aves)
Bergdorf Goodman Windows
UNICEF Snowflake (57th St at 5th Ave)
Tiffany & Co. Christmas Carousel (57th St at 5th Ave) - USA Today lists it as one of this year's best!
Henri Bendel Windows
Rockefeller Center Tree
Saks 5th Avenue Windows
Lord & Taylor Windows
Macy's Herald Square Windows & Santaland (34th Street & Broadway)

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