I grew up on the isle of Manhattan and have always jokingly (maybe) made fun of  New York native friends who did not. For a long time, I used to announce via text message if I was leaving the island so that friends would know where to send the search party if I went missing. All jokes aside, I know that there are great reasons to visit other boroughs of the city, I just get comfortable (and maybe a little lazy).

Well this summer I'm feeling a little regret for not having headed to Brooklyn Flea's weekly Smorgasburg food market sooner. Located at the Williamsburg waterfront, I knew that it was a sizable gathering of so-called great eats, but I just couldn't stop myself from thinking "how good can it really be" and "I can probably get food as good in Manhattan."

I let all of last summer pass me by without taking that trip on the L train, but this year, when a friend from out of town challenged me to show him around in Brooklyn, the plan came together. The first item in our bellies was a bao, or Asian style sandwich, from Bite Size Kitchen. Oh my goodness the flavors were so spot on, the duck was succulent and my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  And that's the type of reaction you'll have to so many of the savory and sweet yummies to be had at Smorgasburg. I'll spare you the ranting and raving and tell you what I've eaten and can't wait to eat again.  By the way I've been twice already and have at least one more visit planned.

Bite Size Kitchen - see above
Cemita's Mexican Sandwich - go pork or go home!
Lumpia Shack - Chicken Adobo lumpia are solid but pork is best. Get some of the homemade slaw!
We Rub You - I dream of the bulgogi sandwich
Nadia's Kitchen -Chicken Bstilla (it's a savory and sweet chicken blend in puff pastry, umm yeah.

For dessert grab any cookie from the Cookie Guild (cardamom coconut is tops) and then head over and pick anyone of the awesome ice cream varieties at hand. Want something to take home? Anarchy In A Jar brings preserves and jams to a new level. I love my pear ginger spread on crackers. I also can't wait to crack open the chorizo I got from Charlito's Chorizo stand (visit him for some free samples).

Is there food as good in Manhattan? Sure, but you can't find these exact vendors in any one location anywhere else. So what are you waiting for? Get some friends together and get thee to Smorgasburg. The more friends the more food to sample. Pack some cash and a metro card and where your stretchy pants. 

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