Have I mentioned that I'm in a dinner club? Every month a group of my food loving friends and I gather for dinner, usually with the purpose of crossing a restaurant off of our collective "Restaurants To Try" lists. Once in a while, we plan excursions to events like Smorgasburg or return visits to eateries we just can't get enough of. It's the latter that prompted a recent visit to David Chang's Momofuku Noodle Bar for the Fried Chicken large format meal.

So I said I got lucky because you can't just walk into Momofuku Noodle Bar and order the fried chicken. It requires a highly coveted and tough to get reservation for a party of 4-8 people.  I'm lucky to have good friends who had been monitoring the reservation website and were rewarded for their persistence.  Lunch time and late night reservations are much easier to get, and cancellations do happen, so if you're willing to troll the reservation site, you too can reap the rewards.

Now the important part, the food. The meal consists of two whole double-fried chickens, one is served southern style and the other Korean style (my preference). In addition to the chickens, you'll be served four sauces, bib lettuce, seasonal veggies, garnishes like mint, and moo shu pancakes. Assemble your chicken of choice in a pancake or in lettuce wrap and garnish it or just grab a thigh and have it plain, it doesn't matter, a crunchy, juicy and delicious mouthful awaits.

You're probably wondering how much this experience will cost you. Worry not. This wallet friendly (not waist friendly) banquet costs a total of $100 plus tax and tip and again, feeds up to 8 people (we were a party of 6 hearty eaters and had leftovers). So start stalking that reservation sight. Eventually, you'll have to get lucky too.

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