A few weeks ago, Hurricane Sandy caused devastation in this city like I've never seen in my 30+ years of living here. Events like this serve as a wake up call. They are an important reminder that the nuisances or typical frustrations that we so often blame for ruining our day/week/month/etc., are usually nothing but unimportant blips over the course of our lives.

This Thanksgiving I'm giving thanks for the most import thing in my life: friends and family near and far who provide me with a sense of home whenever I'm around them. Their love and support nourishes me and keeps me going.

I'm sending my love and well wishes to those still struggling to recover from the impact of Sandy and helping in the ways that I can. If you are able, please consider giving thanks by sharing what you have with those in need. Any extra clothing you may have can make a difference to someone struggling to get warm. A bright smile when you volunteer can be the highlight of someone's day. Want to make a donation? Consider an organization like the  Food Bank of New York. Can't do any of the above? How about spreading the good word to get others involved?

Whatever you do to help, thank you for doing it. You're the type of person that makes this world better.

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