National Sleep Awareness Week is winding down but the value of sleep remains precious. I've been trying to get more sleep every night as part of my 2013 healthier living goal, especially since it's touted as an important element for weight loss. So, when the folks at Downy reached out to me about attending their National Sleep Week event at new York's Penn Station, it made total sense for me to check it out. 

Downy teamed up with HGTV interior designer Taniya Nayak to draw attention to some simple ways we can create better sleep environments in our homes.  Taniya signed on to this protect because she values finding ways to improve the quality of sleep in her own life. We talked about how so many of us sacrifice sleep in the name of productivity, but the reality is that, generally speaking, we are far more productive and efficient if we are well rested. 

When I asked Taniya about what the connection between interior design and Downy was, she said that design is about engaging the senses and the more senses we activate the better. That's where Downy Infusions Lavender Serenity liquid fabric softener comes into play.

Tanya attests to using the product herself and enjoying the relaxation induced by the smell of lavender. The best feature I learned about was the fact that when using the Downy Unstoppables Lush in-wash scent booster, the fresh smell is said to last up to 12 weeks. I was excited about the thought that I could have fresh smelling sheets even if they didn't just come out of the dryer.

What are some other things we can do to spruce up our bedroom designs? If you've watched any of Taniya's shows you know that she's a firm believer in design not having to break the bank. Take a look around your house and look for items that you can reclaim and repurpose in the bedroom. Is there a tray that's hidden in a corner somewhere but can be made into a simple night stand or a basket that can be placed beside and used to hold your nighttime reading materials or extra blankets? Putting some effort into making your bedroom a place conducive to sleep is worth it.

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