I have never ceased being enamored with Chelsea Market, but that love was invigorated during my most recent visit. After several months of construction to create a new food gallery and revamp The Lobster place, all the new additions are in place.

Visit Num Pang for wonderful Vietnamese sandwiches. If you've already visited the Union Square or Flat Iron district outposts, don't pass this new location by as there are a couple of sandwiches here that are not available elsewhere.

I'll go into more detail below about changes to The Lobster Place, but Cull and Pistol the new Oyster Bar attached to the seafood lover's paradise is worth a call out of it's own.

The new gallery houses two vendors that were previously in the market but now have better digs. The Nutbox now has the visibility it merits since it's a great place to get bulk nuts, candy, legumes and more. Spices and Tease, which was previously just a table in the middle of a market now seems a much more legitimate place to purchase a wide array of (what else) spices and teas. Now for some more new comers. DJ Questlove, of well the well know hip-hop group The Roots, has decided to grace Chelsea with his fried chicken at HybirdNYC. I had a chance to try the chicken and one of the cupcake varieties it at an event some months ago and really liked both. On this visit, I sampled a watermelon jalapeƱo slush that will definitely have me heading back. The fourth food stop in the new gallery is Los Tacos No. 1. They were not open yet but it looks like they'll be up and running soon enough

The renovated Lobster Place will require multiple visits with an empty stomach for me try all of the new offerings. The Shack In The Back is the stop for sandwiches like shrimp po' boys and chowders or soups that you can scoop out of bread bowls.  All the way in the back is an area dedicated to the steamed lobsters that have always had tourists flocking to eat here.  The center of the shop now houses two counters: a sushi bar and a raw bar (as if adding an oyster bar next door wasn't enough!).  Lastly, in case you opt for any of the pre-made sushi, noodles or other food options, there is now more seating in the store-front area near the registers. If you prefer to cook or eat your fish and seafood at home, The Lobster place still carries some gorgeous looking options.

The space vacated by The Nutshop is now filled by the Doughnutery, previously slinging its delicious doughnuts from a smaller kiosk, and Beyond Sushi, a vegan sushi restaurant.

Lastly, the Chelsea Market continues to house exhibits for visitors to enjoy as they walk off all of that food they're eating. The current images hanging in the market are all photographs of funny food art by Bill and Claire Wurtzel, authors of Welcome Books' Funny Food: 365 Fun, Healthy, Silly, Creative Breakfasts (Time Out NY). The photographs will be on display through May 31st.

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One Responses to "Chelsea Market's New Additions May 2013"

  1. Sabz says:

    The Chelsea Market looks like fun to visit! Maybe one day I can :)

  1. Unknown says:

    This place looks amazing. I love reading all your posts, it always gives me a little taste of what NYC is like. thank you so much. :)

  1. Unknown says:

    I want to go!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Mama Harris says:

    I'd love to go if I ever make it to the east coast! Looks like a lot of fun and a totally different atmosphere than what we're given over here! Thank you for sharing!

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