Whenever I travel I give thanks for the opportunity. I love exploring other cultures, so foreign travel is my favorite kind.  I fell in love with Italy at the age of 16, when I opted for participation in a 10-day school-organized trip in lieu of a Sweet Sixteen. I visited the country a second time in my mid 20s, and was enamored once again.  When the opportunity arose to visit the country again this past April, I was torn.  I wanted to return, but I also felt guilty visiting a country for a third time when I had so many more countries to still experience. So my honey came up with a great idea. What about going to Sicily? Brilliant! 

Sicily was so different from the rest of Italy. The influence of Spanish, Greek, African and so many other cultures that have crossed the shores of this beautiful island make for a rich history, stunning sights and divine food experiences.  Here’s a glimpse at some of our favorite experiences during our 6 days there.

  •  L'Antica Focacceria S. Francesco - Open Since 1834 and still serving amazing Sicilian Food like this assortment
  • The Streets of Noto - A town known for impressive Baroque architecture
  • The view onto the town of Corleone - Made famous in The Godfather

  •  Sites and eats from Modica - A UNESCO world heritage site

  •  The Greek theater in Siracusa
  • Mario, a local cheese monger - Ortiglia Market (Siracusa)
  • Ricotta, from the Ricotta Festival in Vizzini
  • The ocean view in Ortiglia, Siracusa

  •  The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento

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