DAY 1 HIGHLIGHT: Chicago Deep Dish with Friends

Before the conference got started I got some quality time with my wonderful blogger buddies Ruby of Growing up Blackxican and Xenia of Raised by Culture. We knew that a trip to the Windy City would not be complete without some deep dish pizza so we headed over to Giordano's, arguably the best of the best.

We were famished from long day of travel and decided that a large pizza was the way to go. Xenia pointed out that we should have known better given that the table of 4 men sitting behind us ordered a smaller pie. As hungry as we were and as delicious as that pizza was, each of us only got through one slice each!  I've never wanted a big fridge and oven in a hotel room more than I did that night.

DAY 2 HIGHLIGHT: Meeting Wild Ophelia

One of the brands I was eager to learn some more about as I reviewed the conference sponsor list was Wild Ophelia Chocolate. I first came across it this past Valentine's Day when I was shopping for my BlogLuv Valentine Day exchange partner. I couldn't resist getting a bar for myself in addition to a one for her. There was no questions that the Salted Chowchilla Almond bar and I would be a perfect match.

So as the curtains opened for Night At The Expo, I made a bee line to the Wild Ophelia Booth. Lucky me, I was the second person to arrive and say the Magic words "I want to take an American road trip through chocolate." My prize? The chance to try 4 varieties of the chocolate that are new to me. Ethan and I will be nibbling on these at steady and healthy pace when I get back home. Our review will be forthcoming!

DAY 3 HIGHLIGHT: BlogHer '13 FunRun

In case you missed  my previous post, I've been looking forward to this run. It took me 42 minutes to finish. Not my best time for a 5K distance but not bad considering the stops for lights on Michigan Avenue and the couple of hills, which I am definitely not accustomed to running yet.

The run was sponsored by Best Buy, who generously provided each runner with a Fitbit to track this run and the activity we'll all hopefully continue to partake in. It was a cool morning, perfect for a run and the sights along the way(millenium park, the lakefront, Navy Pier and the Hancock Building) helped me gain a new appreciation for a city I already loved.

Thanks to everyone who rooted me on, including the team at Honest Tea!!

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