Excited? Did I really say that? I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. Remember, before 2 months ago, running was not part of my vocabulary - let alone my lifestyle. The goal is to run with my sister when I see her in December (read about that here), but along the way I've got to set goals to keep myself motivated.

The first goal was to run/walk the LIVESTRONG 5K in Philly on August17th. I thought that would be my first formal 5K, but a few weeks ago I found out that the BlogHer conference I was attending was hosting a 5K fun run.  I figured that since I have to keep up my training schedule, why not participate?! I'm a little scared, but more excited. I may not be able to run the entire distance but I will run as  much of it as I can and I will feel great about it because, after all, when I started this journey it was a struggle to run for a minute straight.

So while there's so much to look forward to at BlogHer, this year my highlight takes place on Friday morning. Everything after that is a bonus.

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