Our garden is coming along! The work started back in April, when we planted our first seeds indoors because the final frost hadn't passed. More than two months have gone by and we're starting to enjoy the fruits of our labor. For the past few weeks we've been making salads with our own greens (arugula, spinach and mesclun lettuce). Some of our squash has been victimized by the heat and erratic rainfall, causing some blossom end rot, but all is not lost.  Also, we did have a chance to enjoy some blossoms, breaded and fried to perfect golden deliciousness.  We also harvested some green beans that we learned will likely be better sauteed in garlic than steamed.  Go figure.

We've got a lot more to look forward to in the coming months: cucumbers, beets, radishes, carrots and tomatoes (this is what we're most eager for!). In early August we'll also start planting for our Fall harvest which will include some additional favorites like shallots and brussel sprouts. We're finding that gardening is a great way to mentally escape on the weekend and we're learning so much along the way about gardening and eating food that's pesticide free and nutritious.  We are even sharing some with the local wildlife, although admittedly not by choice.

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