I have been on the quest for the best fish tacos in this city for some time. As my almost-as-good half has discussed in previous posts, we have been to some of the most revered spots. A recent, serendipitous incident encouraged me to try another (not that I needed the encouragement, but the dude had me at "free tacos").

A few colleagues of mine have also made some pilgramiges. One coworker in particular who hails from San Diego happened to be on the elevator leaving the office with me, when a friendly man hopped on at another floor. As we departed, he overheard that my friend was from SD, and realized that probably meant he liked fish tacos. As luck would have it, he owns a taco place called Dorado nearby. Coincidentally, we had considered his place on a recent excursion, but it's a cozy little spot with limited seating (and there were about 10 of us), so we opted for the place down the block. I actually wanted to go to his place afterwards, unimpressed with what I had at the restaurant we selected, but a look down at my ever-expanding waistline kept me away. Mike, the taco source, explained that he lived in SD for 30 years, and his place was the real deal. He gave us some cards for some free tacos and asked that we check it out! Gladly, sir.

So 3 took the trip on a recent, warm, sunny afternoon. We all ordered tacos- fish, shrimp, and chorizo. The goods were indeed very good!

The fish taco featured a nice white fish, perfectly moist, coated with batter fried to a golden crisp. The tasty white sauce (crema) was liberally applied and the bed of cabbage was certainly fresh. The small pair of tortillas were good enough- although I'm curious to hear what the tortilla-critical-gf has to say. My only complaint was the amount of fish $3 gets you.  Filling up on fish tacos would require a minimum of 3 for me- and probably 4, considering I generally try to go easy on the tortilla, and heavy on the protein. With a sangria, that'd run about $20. I didn't try the sangria- I got a Mexican coke before I noticed it- but I will be going back to give it a go. Similar to the fish, the shrimp was also fried beautifully, but a bit on the small side. I loved that they didnt overcook the shrimp- they were perfectly tender, with a touch of heat that always makes me happy.  Then there was the chorizo. Unlike the seafood, this guy was loaded up - with what more closely resembled chopped meat, as it was a pretty fine grind. While I expected larger, more coarsely cut pieces of sausage, I had no complaints at all- great flavor and a welcomed touch of heat as well. There was a bit of guacamole on this bad boy too, also fresh and quite delish.

All three of us left very happy, and glad that we're within walking distance- or citibiking distance! I'm looking forward to returning and trying the quesadillas- they looked fantastic too.

For the taco enthusiasts out there, we will be checking out an upcoming event this Thursday, Aug 8 - the NYC Taco rally!  Get all the deets here.


28 East 12th Street (near University)
New York, NY 10003
Open Daily 11AM - 10PM
Sundays 11AM - 9PM

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