Three years a and go I attended my first blogger conference, Blogalicious. Earlier that year I had started working at a Social Media Marketing agency and was exploring opportunities for some of the brands we represented to work with bloggers. While Blogalicious was a gold mine for feedback from bloggers about how they wanted to work with brands, it was also a source for personal inspiration and fuel to continue to find my own voice and amplify it.

I’m writing this on the plane on the way to Atlanta for Blogalicious and I’ve already got highlights. At the airport I met Lisa of Autism Wonderland. I “met” Lisa in a Blog Luv Facebook group, which I wrote about around Valentine’s Day this year. Despite living in the same city, Lisa and I had yet to meet in real life. It took planning a trip to Blogalicious to get us connected. I already know she’s my New Yorker blogger buddy.

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Before I even get to the conference hotel, I’ve got a Blogalicious reunion planned. I’m meeting my friend and former co-worker Martine of Just Diva at the baggage claim. Martine and I have stayed in touch over the years but haven’t actually seen each other since her wedding about 6 years ago!  Reunion pics are happening.

The next thing I’m looking forward to is presenting my first Blogalicious workshop. I’ve had several conversations at past conferences, where I end up sharing insights and blogger friends have asked why I don’t put those learnings together in a workshop. I suppose I figured since I’m not a big name blogger, that maybe it wasn’t my place. Well, thanks to continued encouragement, I finally decided to submit a proposal, which was accepted. On Friday, I’ll be collaborating with Mike Street of Harlem NY and talking to bloggers about leveraging their social media channels to drive blog engagement.

I may be arriving at the conference with a cold, but I’m not going to let it get me down. Watch out Blogalicious, I’m almost there!

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  1. Unknown says:

    so happy you and Lisa finally met! Love blogalicious so sad i missed out!

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