My sister and her military family have been living in Okinawa for more than three years. I have had the privilege to visit twice and each time have been charmed by the rich and vibrant island culture. You may not be able to experience it for yourself but if you're in New York City during Thanksgiving weekend, you'll be able to get a taste of it by viewing Kyoko Nakamoto's prints at Ceres Gallery.

Kyoko is one of the wonderful people my sister has befriended during her time abroad. Her art is among the treasures my sister will bring back to help remember her time in Okinawa. Here's a peek at her Paradise series, which is a lovely homage to Okinawan island life.

Kyoko's Description of this piece: "One of the Okinawan traditional ceremonies, 'Muchi' is coming on January regularly. We steam mochi wrapped with a kind of ginger leaf , and hung ones same as each child's age. This event is for the health of children. Cooking is very simple but need muscles for grinding mochi-powder! Let's start cooking!"

At Ceres, Kyoko will be partaking in a group show called "Exposure" and will be one of ten artists showing. She will be sharing ten of her small Sumi-drawings (Black ink on Japanese Paper) depicting Japanese and Okinawan Fall scenes, which she describes as "comical yet traditional."

I can't wait to meet Kyoko in person (we've been chatting on Facebook) and see her prints for myself. I'm also excited to say that we'll have a chance to reconnect in Okinawa this December, where I'll be celebrating Christmas with my family.

Show Details:
November 26, 27, 29 & 30
(Please note, not open Thanksgiving Day)
Hours: 12 pm - 6 pm

Ceres Gallery
547 W 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

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  1. ukreal1 says:

    I LOVE Kyoko-san and am so glad I met her...enjoy NYC. My fav city in the world (sorry London, my hometown!)...My fav art right now are the Sumi drawings, these are AMAZING and I want one before I leave Okinawa x

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