This month marks the fifth anniversary of Mami's passing. It might be the strongest (emotionally) I've felt since before that time. While the void left by her loss never passes, it becomes easier to focus on the memories I have of her and the lessons she shared instead of the sadness. Thanksgiving time holds some of those memories. I grew up hoping that one day I would be able to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner as delicious as hers was every year. 

I trained under her watchful eyes and my first test was successfully making an early Thanksgiving meal for my college housemates. That win gave me the courage to tell Mami I was ready to take the reigns for our family get together just a week later. She agreed and was so pleased with the results that she let me take the lead every year thereafter.

There are a few dishes that have to be on the menu in order for it to feel like Mami's Thanksgiving. I've put together a Pinterest board to share these with you.

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  1. Aimee T-T says:

    Yay! Thinking of you and Mrs. Lara.

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