My niece Esperanza is celebrating her 14th birthday and I can't believe it. I can't be with her to celebrate this milestone birthday because we're currently separated by thousands of miles but I wanted to share my best wishes for this year and her future.

I call her Pepa, a nickname my mom selected for her only granddaughter - her pride and joy. Pepa captured our hearts the minute she was born and has never let go because she is so kind and loving in return. She amazes me with the dedication and hard work that she shows for her swimming and the fact that she still manages to be a great student, an awesome friend and a daughter any parent could be proud of.

Pepa, I'm lucky to have you as my niece because you give me cause to brag everywhere I go. You make me laugh (calling me old) and keep me up to date on music and pop culture (because I'm old and not cool). I know that your grandma and grandpa are looking down at you and smiling at the beautiful young woman that you've become and join me in wishing you a wonderful 14th birthday.

May you celebrate many more birthdays for years full of adventurous, joyful, and magical memories.

With love,
Titi Mari

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