Last month I was invited to attend an informational event for Legoland Parks and Discovery Centers. I saw it as a great opportunity for a night out with a couple of my favorite munchkins and their dad, my cousin. We kept the event a surprise to the kids but once we revealed that it was a Lego event, their excitement was uncontrollable. They had just seen The Lego Move a week earlier and couldn't stop raving about that either!

The event was great. We learned about some of the new attractions at the parks via some impressively intricate Lego models. I hadn't realized that we now have a Legoland Discovery Center right in our NYC backyard, Westchester County (That's about 30 minutes by car from Midtown Manhattan). It's actually celebrating it's first birthday this week, March 27th. 

I loved my Legos as a kid and as a Titi (auntie), I love gifting them because they encourage creativity.  Now this big kid is looking forward to planning a family outing to the Discovery Center so that I can take the factory tour and see how the bricks are made and witness MINILAND®, a miniature Lego version of New York City's skyline. Oh, and i guess we'll partake in some of the activities the kids have on their list. We'll be sure to let you know how our visit goes!

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