Unisphere at night. Digital ID: ps_mss_cd23_353. New York Public Library

So I'm sure there are some people out there in the blogosphere that were alive for the World's Fair in Flushing in the 60's (and apologies if I just made you feel old). Personally, I was not, but as a NY'er I've seen the cool leftovers from afar countless times - and even in the movies a couple of times. Well- this Tuesday ONLY (AKA - TOMORROW) - and for just 3 hrs between 11 AM & 2 PM, the pavilion people are letting anyone come by, free of charge, and go where the public hasn't been allowed to go for almost 30 years. Apparently they'll be providing hard hats for the experience (which bumps up the coolness factor a few notches). More deets can be found here

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