Hopefully you already read Part 1 of Nashville Noshing, where I provided a bit of detail around a couple of gems that we discovered.  But there were even more!

We were determined to keep up with our Southern style/barbecue themed meals and one of the places that we'd researched for barbecue was Edley’s.  We were warned to expect a line but it wasn't too bad – and it bought us time for the tough task of narrowing down our choices to just enough for 3 or 4 people (even though it was just the two of us). 

As we watched and got whiffs of some of the finished products that passed us by, we began to covet their version of nachos.  Theirs are made with homemade Irish-style potato chips - thick cut, crispy, just the right amount of saltiness, topped with pimento cheese which was gooey melted yummyness – juicy and tender pulled pork, and also a great sauce, crema, and perhaps some other little bits of goodness like tomato, red onion, and scallion.  On a scale of 1 to 10 it was easily an 11.  

We also ordered a rack of ribs which, while they didn't all fall off the bone, were fantastic.  But what I found most amazing was the coleslaw! It was slightly sweet - not mayonnaise-based - probably apple cider vinegar with some deliciously crisp cabbage, we think apple too - nothing like anything we’d had before and truly exceptional.

We enjoyed our meal at Edley’s so much that we had to go back to try their brisket (only served at lunch).  They also had a Nashville specialty we wanted to squeeze in – HOT CHICKEN. Think: fantastic boneless chicken tenders, perfectly fried with what really was just a red-hot crust.  It wasn’t even saucy – just perplexingly hot and tasty - making ample amounts of sweet tea a requisite!

And of course, we got the nachos again because we just couldn’t resist (yes, they were THAT good). This time got them with the brisket.  Now that’s how you order!  Oh, and they had Frito pie.   WHAT????  Yes, please.  We were almost as impressed with our ordering skills as we were with the food – but in all honesty you just can’t go wrong in at Edley’s.  When are we going back?!?!?!

Conveniently, we got some warm weather, making ice cream something we just needed.  And, conveniently, Maribel just happened to know about a place renowned for their creamy contribution, Mike's Ice Cream.  We were barely able to walk in the small shop, as the line weaved and extended to the door (and that was short for them, so we hear). Again, precious time to make selections. There's so much that goes into the decision about which flavor(s) to order.  Is it a unique flavor that we can't get anywhere else?  Will it stand out?  If I get 2 flavors (and of course you have to get at least 2 flavors), will they have good synergy.  The flavors rotate regularly, but they went 4 for 4 with the ones we had.  You could tell they were made with love!  Go to Mike's - you'll be happy you did (especially if you're with a friend that let's you get in some licks of theirs).

Don't miss the ice cream at Mike's downtown

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