A quick glance at our blog posts reveals our passion for food. Whether it's the food we're growing, the dishes we're cooking up or the food products and restaurants we're raving about, we write from our hearts and our stomachs. So it made perfect sense that we would head to Miami for the annual BlogHer Food conference.  We decided to make a vacation of it and arrived two days before the conference start, which has provided valuable time for some culinary exploration.

After checking into our hotel, we hopped in a cab and headed over to the neighborhood of Little Havana.  In my research before the trip I discovered a restaurant that claimed to be the world's best known Cuban restaurant.  There had to be a reason this place, Versailles, has been a destination for tourists and locals alike for over 40 years.

Versailles knocked our socks off with a generous helping of succulent roasted pork (lechon asado) accompanied by yuca in mojo (garlic citrus sauce) and morro (black beans and white rice).  The Cuban Sandwich "Especial" was solid but couldn't stand up to the pork, so if you head here we'd recommend trying another entree.

You cannot leave Versailles without having some dessert. We love Key Lime pie and Ethan figured that, given the proximity to the keys, Miami was a place where we'd find some great selections of it, so that's what we ordered to accompany our Cortaditos (Cuban espresso with steamed milk and sugar).  The pie shot to the top of our best Key Lime pie list. A perfect balance of tartness and sweetness that had us smacking our lips down to the last luscious spoonful. I should also mention that I had not had coffee in over a year (long story for another day) but this cortadito was well worth a fall off of that proverbial wagon.

We had already deemed day one in Miami a win in terms of quality meals, but dinner didn't disappoint either.  The Wynwood location of SuViche, a Peruvian Japanese fusion restaurant was the site of our evening gluttony. Their house ceviche was outstanding! I'm still scratching my head, trying to figure out how they achieve a slightly creamy but still appropriately citrus-based house special version which was served with the traditional sweet potato, hominy and toasted corn kernels.

Rather than order a more traditional entree version of the Lomo Saltado, we went for the spring roll appetizer alternative. The tasty meat filling was highlighted by the Huancaina sauce (A Peruvian cheese sauce with aji amarillo chili paste) that I wanted to eat by the spoonful.  Our last savory course was a TNT roll: Tuna, Salmon, Masago and avocado filling topped with a decadent real crab salad and served with spicy mayo and eel sauce.  SuViche also impressed in the cocktail category.  We had no regrets about the Pisco Sour with Chica Morada (a refreshing beverage made from Peruvian purple corn) or the mango margarita, except maybe that we didn't have another round before leaving.

Both Versailles and SuViche are quality, affordable food options in a city that can be as pricey as NYC. They both also take you to two neighborhoods worth a visit. We'd find it hard not to go back to both whenever we're back in town.

So much great food on day one, and the food conference hasn't even started yet! Wondering if it was a mistake to not pack some stretchy pants. 

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