If you follow me on Twitter (@latina_sweetie) you may have seen my celebratory tweets about Chile's victory over Spain yesterday. I don't watch futbol (soccer if you prefer) nearly as much as I did when my dad, papi, was alive but I can't stay away from the excitement of the World Cup and I love the memories it conjures of happy times with him and my mom for that matter.

The World Cup was an event not just in our house but for our entire family, both mami and papi's sides. Schedules were adjusted to accommodate match times. If there was a game at 6 pm, we'd be eating dinner at 5 so that mami could be freed up in time to focus. If there was a match on while papi was at work, someone had to be home at the ready to record the game so he could watch it when he got home. [Before the days of programmable VCRs and DVRs my friends].

The team affinities were also clearly defined and I pretty much still abide by them today.

Round 1: You root for Chile and Peru because that's where papi and mami came from, respectively. You also root for the USA because that's our home country, it's where mami and papi met and where my sister and I were born and raised.  Lastly, if you loved mami, you also rooted for Brasil because, music lover that she was, she loved how they seemed to dance a samba with the ball.

Round 2 and Beyond: We continued to cheer on our 3 teams, but generally assumed we wouldn't have that option. So, when our 3 teams didn't move on we typically still had Brasil to cheer for. In the 90s, however, I became enamored with a footballer named Roberto Baggio, and thus was born my love affair with Italy.

So fast forward to #Brasil2014 (or #Brazil2014). I'm convinced that, in heaven, Papi was celebrating Chile's second win and seemingly secure advancement to the next round. Having no Peruvian team to support and a Brazilian team that's not at the top of their game, mami's probably hooting and hollering for Chile too. I can't help but be giddy at the though of it and am looking forward to the rest of the ride.

Papi playing for the Copihues Rojas (Amateur Chilean team out of Queens) in the 70s.

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