Can't believe how many months it's been! Both of us starting new job last year, kept us pretty busy and just as we started feeling more settled in, family life got eventful and posting about it wasn't as important as being in the moment. Rather than go on about the details, we'll share some of the key moments with photos:

Trick or Treating in the historic section of Chelsea is never disapointting.

Halloween fun included trick or treating with some of the family kiddos followed by a get together with some of our friends who know you're never too old to dress in costume.

November brought some tough news. Ethan's sister Erica was diagnosed with breast cancer so focusing on family and supporting as best we could became top priority.  She opted to come to get her surgery here in New York so we were able to offer our apartment as her home away from home. 

While, I hate the circumstances, I'm so glad to have had more time than ever to spend with her and over past few months and even more so that we've still found moments to smile at like the one pictured above (Erica's the one testing the wig she might need once chemo starts and the masked lady is Ethan's mom Myra). We got some holiday shopping done at the Renegade Craft Fair. Ain't nothing wrong with retail therapy!

We spent Thanksgiving week in Arkansas taking care of Ethan's niece and two nephews while Erica was in NYC having surgery and recovering. Again, despite circumstances, we couldn't have been happier to have time with these great kids and to help out their warrior mom.

In December I got to take a break to celebrate the birthday of my dear friend Candelario in Cancun, Mexico.  I've been friends with Cande for 18 years and Aimee for 19. They've been there for be through thick and thin and I'm lucky to have them in my life.

We topped off the year with a visit from my sister, brother in law and niece who left the comforts of warm Hawaiian weather to brave 10 days of New York winter weather.  It's been a year since I saw them last so we tried to pack in as much family time as we could.  Hoping that 2015 brings along a trip to visit them!

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